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Mats & Tea Towels Supply

No matter the industry that you work in, it is essential that your business is equipped with clean mats and tea towels. Not only is this convenient for your employees and customers, but it also shows as a business you care for their comfort and safety.

Regularly serviced mats and tea towels also cements a pristine and organised image for your organisation that surpasses customer expectations. As a business owner, you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing mats and tea towels. That is why Strike Force Services is here to take this minor, but essential chore off your plate.

Providing quality solutions for all your safety needs

From commercial, industrial, anti-fatigue, no slip, entrance to logo safety mats, we have you covered. Providing safety from the ground up, we provide fit for purpose commercial mats, that provide solutions for all your safety need.

The safety of your staff and customers is always the number one priority. Safety message mats are a fantastic way to keep safety front of mind with your employees. These mats come in all types and sizes with a range of safety messages available.

Regular servicing will keep your workplace safe and looking professional all day, every day. Our team will work with you to create a schedule based on your business’s needs.

During each service, one of our team will replace your mats with a clean, sanitised replacement. Regular servicing ensures the effectiveness of the mat to trap dust and dirt. 

We know the safety of your staff and customers is your major priority, so let us help.

Plush entrance mats

Our mats are suited to high foot traffic applications for both wet and dry areas. The plush entrance mats are manufactured from 100% recycled PET fibre (6mm thick) with super styrene backing for greater stability.

These mats will protect your flooring by trapping dust and moisture. Our mats can retain several kilograms of dirt and water, reducing the potential for slips and falls, while providing a professional look to your business.

Anti-fatigue mats

Our Anti-fatigue mats contribute to the comfort of feet and legs, plus insulation from cold and heat. Providing slip-resistance on wet or dry floors, these mats are a safety must.

Strike Force Services also supply Tubular PVC matting for showers or any wet areas that can be slippery and unsafe.

Logo mats

Logo mats create a real impression as people enter your business while also trapping dirt and moisture from coming inside. Strike Force Services can build mats to your design. You choose the size, the logo, and the colours.

Leave your customers with a lasting impression from the moment they step through your door.

Tea towels

Looking to provide comfort to your employees, while maintaining excellent hygiene standards in the communal areas of your business? We can help!

Strike Force Services towelling is made of 100% cotton and is durable and absorbent. When you choose our quality products and regular servicing, you can guarantee that your kitchen and bathrooms will always look fresh.

By having clean tea towels in your kitchen, your chances of spreading harmful bacteria will be significantly reduced. Not only will your dishes stay clean, but it will also keep your workplace healthy.

Gone are the days of the unwanted chores of taking tea towels home. We can provide a regular pick-up service of your dirty mats and tea towels and swap them out for clean replacements, ready to be used.



Keep your workplace safe and clean with fresh mats and tea towels.

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