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Our Safety

Our commitment to health, safety, and wellbeing

Strike Force Services is proud of our safety accreditation achievements and is strongly committed to the prevention of harm and continuous improvement in work health, safety, and welfare standards.

We recognise that we all share the responsibility for the success of our Integrated Management System, the general wellbeing of individuals in the workplace, and the safe operation and maintenance of plant and equipment.


Strike Force Services

Health and safety policy

For the benefit of all our workers, subcontractors, stakeholders, clients, and the public Strike Force Services’ health and safety objectives are to:

Quality Policy

Strike Force Services is committed to the aim of exceeding customer expectations in terms of response, operational capability, and cost effectiveness always. The company is committed to improving its processes in all facets of its business.

The company also acknowledges its responsibility to abide by statutory requirements for health, safety, and the environment in all its operations.  At the same time, it is fundamental to the company’s long-term prosperity that it realises an adequate financial return on shareholders’ investments and acts as a responsible corporate citizen.

To assist in achieving the objectives outlined in the statement above, Strike Force Services is implementing quality management systems throughout the organisation.

Our Integrated Management System describes the basis for the company quality system and ensures that customer and relevant regulatory requirements will be consistently met. ISO 9001 – 2015 provides the structure of the quality system and allows integration of both Work Health and Safety and Environmental management systems.

The system incorporates safety and training programs to enhance worker skills and assist in the selection of the optimum equipment, materials, and methods for customers’ particular applications.

Achieving and maintaining certification of the quality management system in accordance with the standard is to be the aim of all operating centres within the company. To this end, all workers are invited to cooperate in the preparation of suitable documentation and the review of operating methods.

Strike Force Services management is pursuing the implementation of this Quality Policy and believes that through Quality Assurance the company will be able to raise the level of service to its customers and maintain its competitive edge.

Strike Force Services

Environmental Policy

Strike Force Services is committed to a clean and healthy environment and recognises its responsibility to conduct operations that will not cause harm to the earth’s environment and be protective of its natural resources.

Our approach to environmental management seeks continuous improvement in performance with consideration of evolving scientific knowledge and community expectations.

For the benefits of all our workers, subcontractors, stakeholders, clients, and the community, our objectives are to:

Strike Force Services

Training Policy

Strike Force Services is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for workers and others, with the aim of continually improving work health, safety, and welfare standards.

Workers will be provided with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their jobs to the required standards. We will provide the resources for workers to participate in training programs conducted on and off site.

Training programs will be organised in consultation with operational managers, supervisors, and workers or in line with our training and development plans. All workers are eligible to attend training courses relevant to their required tasks. Attendance is not determined by length of service, but by operational and individual needs.

It is our policy to provide a level of service and product quality that completely satisfies customer needs and expectations. It is only through the continual achievement of this objective that Strike Force Services will prosper.

We shall conduct a training needs analysis to determine the training requirements for workers. We recognise that the skills and knowledge of workers are beneficial to the success and prosperity of our operations.

Staff development and training opportunities are made available on an equitable basis considering the benefits for individual staff members, cost centres and divisions. Participation in staff development may at times be required for operational reasons and to address equal opportunity, industrial and legislative requirements.

We will seek to apply the knowledge and skills learnt through staff development and training activities to:

For the benefits of all our employees, we will:


For further information about our safety accreditation, contact us today.

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