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Hygiene Supply & Service

Hygiene Supply & Servicing with
Strike Force Services

Keeping your workforce and workplace safe and healthy, and ensuring your site is equipped with the necessary hygiene supplies, is a service we pride ourselves on delivering.

We offer a comprehensive service to cover all your hygiene supply, first aid, and personal protective equipment (PPE) needs. Meeting the requirements of our customers in the most efficient and fuss-free way is our number one priority.

Whether you have a staff of 10 or 1,000 Strike Force Services has you covered.

Hygiene Services

Strike Force Services will help you find the right solution for your plant and heavy industrial business needs.

We will adapt to your specific site requirements, formulating the right cleaning process for your needs. With reliable equipment and highly trained staff, we offer a professional result.

We offer a range of cleaning services including:

Our mats and tea towel service provides for the safety and comfort of your employees in the communal areas of your business. All our towelling is 100 per cent cotton, durable and absorbent.

With our quality products and regular servicing, your kitchens and bathrooms will always look fresh.

First Aid

First aid kits should be well-stocked and located in conspicuous areas of your workplace for quick, easy access.

No matter the industry you are in, every employee has some level of risk. First aid kits that are well-stocked with medical supplies can stop minor injuries from getting worse or stabilise a minor issue as a higher level of medical assistance sought.

The range includes first aid kits for all applications, from offices to hospitality, to heavy industry. We can even keep your workforce safe when they are away from the office with our vehicle kits for your fleet.

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Contact us today to learn more about our full hygiene services.

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