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Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Strike Force Services

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Do you need an air conditioning and refrigeration specialist in the Hunter, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Central Coast or Lake Macquarie regions? Strike Force Services is for you.

Offering domestic, commercial, and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration installation, sales, repairs, and maintenance, you will be sold on our reliability, ‘can do’ attitude and exceptional customer service.

Let our sales experts help you choose from our comprehensive range of air conditioning and refrigeration units featuring only the highest quality and most reliable brands available that is perfect to suit your needs.

The brands we recommend include:

You are guaranteed a fast, reliable service from highly skilled tradespeople with extensive experience installing air conditioning and refrigeration units. Contact Strike Force Services today to book a consultation at your home, office or industrial premises and we will deliver the right system to suit your needs.

Air Conditioning Systems

Split Systems

Split system air conditioners are versatile, compact, and relatively cost effective to purchase. These units are energy efficient and don’t require large amounts of space to install. Today’s split systems are quiet to run and help to filter the air by collecting dust, preventing it from re-circulating around the room.

When assessing your home or office, we take into consideration all aspects of your property to determine the most suitable size and system. We look at factors such as the direction of the sun, the construction type of your house, the floorplan, and the windows and doors to determine the best location for the unit.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning systems deliver the ultimate in comfort to every room in your home or commercial premises, with zone control for superior energy efficiency.

They are operated by a wall mounted control, so you have the option to alter fan speed and temperature throughout your premises by turning off the air conditioning in areas not in use. This helps reduce energy consumption and maximise the effectiveness of the air temperature in the nominated zones.

Turning off zones in your premises will allow you to reach a comfortable temperature much quicker and it helps with filtering the air for better health. Ducted systems are extremely quiet, visually appealing and feature timers and easy-to-use remote-control wall units.

Strike Force Services


Strike Force Services designs, installs, services and repairs refrigeration equipment for a broad range of commercial operations, including:

We have extensive experience devising commercial refrigeration solutions to industries including hotels, food outlets, vineyards, commercial kitchens, large cold storage facilities, commercial offices, and entertainment venues.

Strike Force Services offers programmed maintenance on your equipment to help extend its lifespan and maximise its efficiency, saving you money, energy, and wear and tear on your system.

24 Hour Support

We also provide 24-hour breakdown support, giving you peace of mind that you can get back to business quickly and efficiently should an issue occur.


Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment of all your commercial refrigeration needs.