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Laundry Supply & Service

Does your business require staff to wear uniforms? Our laundry supply and service can help to keep your company’s image looking professional, with our convenient and reliable garment service. Your staff represent your company, their uniforms identify them as part of your organisation.  A work uniform not only unites the team but is also a pivotal tool in establishing your brand.

Therefore, it is essential that your company’s uniforms are spick and span. Strike Force Services helps you achieve this, ensuring that all uniforms are clean and tidy. Not only does the service keep your team looking good, but it will prolong the life of your uniform.

How does the laundry supply
process work?

Our team will collect soiled garments from your site, returning them freshly laundered. We can organise to service your existing garment stock on an appropriate schedule, while also providing new uniforms and a range of PPE.

One of our friendly team members will discuss types of uniforms and the types of laundering required while also checking on any specific requirements you may have based on your industry.

From there, we will create a schedule that is appropriate for your site and our team will provide dependable, on-time servicing of your garments.

Get in contact with us today to organise for one of our team members to come to site and discuss your needs.

Laundry supply for any industry!

No matter what industry you work in, our laundry supply and services can fit around you!

From chef’s jackets for hospitality, to Hi-Vis workwear for heavy industry jobs, even to office corporate wear, we can cater to you.

We are aware the size of your workforce can vary in a short period of time. Consequently, should there be changes to your staffing levels, we can assist by adding or removing uniforms on request.

Therefore, you are not paying for garments not being used and you will never be short of uniforms when required. We will tailor and continually monitor the service in line with the immediate needs of your business.

Our team will audit and inspect your garments and provide feedback to you. When you choose us to assist with laundry supply requirements, you will save time, money and feel confident that your team will always look their absolute best.


Talk to us about your laundering requirements today.

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