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Washroom Cleaning

Looking for solutions to all your common washroom problems?

As a business owner, do you struggle to find the time to maintain pleasant and hygienic washrooms for you staff and clients, and complete cleaning duties, whilst trying to run a business? That is where we step in to help!

Our team will provide you with ongoing support and continuous assessment to ensure that we are delivering you with the most efficient and economical washroom service for your business

From sanitary and medical disposal, odour control, hand hygiene, sanitation, and biological cleaning solutions, we assess your requirements and provide a tailored solution for you.

Our hygiene division provides a fully managed washroom program. This involves maintaining and refilling all your washroom dispensers to keep your bathrooms clean and fresh all year round.

All services are scheduled and conducted by our highly trained service technicians and covers all aspects of making your workplace a healthy and hygienic space for everyone. For additional safety against the spread of bacteria, our range also offers several touch-free options.

Odour control for the washroom

Create a pleasant environment for your staff and customers! Our odour control comes in a range of fragrances for keeping your washrooms constantly smelling fresh.

From digital aerosol dispensers to continuous odour control systems with odour neutralisers, we will provide a system that suits your business. We provide air care solutions that are dependable, effective, economical, safe, and ecofriendly.

Hand Hygiene

Promoting good hand hygiene helps to stop the spread of bacteria and help keep your workforce and customers healthy and free from illness.

From lotion and foam, to antibacterial and industrial soaps, we have you covered for all your handwashing needs. Our dispensers have a clean and sleek design. Our team service and maintain each dispenser, ensuring your dispensers look good, are functioning and are continuously filled.

Also available are a number of hand sanitising options to kill up to 99% of bacteria that can live on the hands. Our sanitisers come in manual and touch-free options.

Both hand sanitiser options can be installed on our purpose-built stands allowing you to provide easy access to sanitiser in any area of your business.

Biological cleaning solutions

The challenge in any workplace is keeping your washroom clean, hygienic, and smelling fresh. Our range of biological products treat the source of the issue with a sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning regime that also prevents the return of bacteria.

Strike Force Services biological cleaner eradicates organic staining and odour issues by specific strains of bacteria that produce enzymes that attack the problem at its source. The cleaner is safe to use on all washroom surfaces and is a great alternative to harsh chemicals.

This product allows for a simplified cleaning regime, greater asset protection, elimination of organic pipe blockages and can help reduce water usage. It is also a perfect partner for septic systems.


Need a hand with cleaning solutions for your washroom?

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