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Sanitary & Waste

When it comes to your workplace’s washroom, it is important to have a safe and hygienic space for your staff and customers. We provide a range of sanitary and waste services, to help maintain a healthy and hygienic environment.

Sanitary services are
essential for your business

Strike Force Services pride ourselves on providing the safe and responsible removal and disposal of sanitary and medical waste. All our disposal units are durable and designed to offer the greatest protection.  Please note that our removed waste is managed by trained technicians and disposed of in line with EPA guidelines.

The Modulator 4 series workplace kit

The appropriate removal of clinical waste is essential to reduce the risk of injury, contamination from body fluids, or hazardous chemicals. Therefore, we offer a range of clinical waste disposal options.

We offer a range of clinical waste bins in sizes including 40-litres, 50-litre pedal operated, 120-litre, and 240-litre. We can provide wall brackets and steel safes for our sharps collectors for greater security, which come in a range of sizes.

Each of our units is designed to offer the greatest level of protection to both the user and the technician. The size, type and frequency of the sanitary service will be determined by your business’s needs.

Sanitary bins

Sanitary bins are an essential item for every business. The sanitary unit service will cater for the needs of your business, while providing protection against potential plumbing issues. Our bins are durable and offer a great level of safety.

Coming in two colours, charcoal and marble, our units are slimline to fit even in the smallest of areas. Lined with biodegradable liners that contain antibacterial agents, our units provide protection against bacteria and odour. For further protection, we also offer touch-free units.

At each service, the unit is removed in its entirety and replaced with a clean, sanitised unit. The soiled units are then returned to our warehouse where they are machine washed and sanitised.

Nappy disposal

For childcare and aged care settings another essential service is our nappy disposal service. Both our sanitary and nappy bin services are discreet and scheduled regularly to meet your needs.


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